Sand Casting

The sand molding process compacts sand around a production pattern, capturing the impression of the part in the sand mold.  The pattern is removed and molten aluminum is then poured into the sand-mold cavity. When the casting solidifies, the sand mold is broken away from the casting. The molding sand is recycled and reused continuously.

Our Sand Castings

At Northwest Casting, we work hard to ensure that our sand castings exceed your expectations in quality and are delivered on-time.

Reliable Capacity

Our multiple production lines and skilled molders mean that you’ll receive considerable sand foundry capacity. Our manual jolt-squeezer lines and multiple furnaces provide the flexibility to support both low-volume and mid-volume aluminum sand casting production and respond quickly to your needs. We welcome customers with short-run production needs.

Our green sand molding process utilizes very fine grain Olivine (“sand”) mixed with a dry binder called Petrobond and heavy-weight oil. The fineness of this molding media enables us to produce precision castings with excellent surface finish and material soundness. Our Olivine molding sand is continuously remixed and reused for molding again and again, with very little waste generated.

Casting Size and Complexity

Northwest Casting takes particular pride in working with castings that demand attention in the areas of porosity, surface finish and dimensional control.

A majority of the sand castings that we produce are relatively small in size — up to 15 inches long and weighing less than 5 pounds — and fairly complex. Many castings will require extensive machining; many must meet rigorous standards for pressure tightness and mechanical performance. Many castings require heat treatment, which we provide with our state-of-the-art bottom-drop solution heat treat and aging ovens.

Casting complexity increases with the addition of sand cores, which form the casting’s internal ports and passageways, which are set in each mold during the molding process.

For larger and heavier castings that require much larger molds, we employ a Rotolift sand molding machine.

Economical and Versatile Tooling

The initial sand cast tooling investment is typically very economical and often can accommodate minor design modifications that may arise after the tooling has been built. Construction of the sand pattern and core box(es) is done by one of several outside mold makers in our region.  These are shops with who have repeatedly proven their ability to deliver high quality, reliable tooling within their promised lead-time.

Castings Gallery

See our attention to detail and commitment to quality for yourself! Click a photo below to view some of our castings.

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