Aluminum Casting Process Capabilities

  • Permanent Mold Castings – Our facility houses a total of eight permanent mold machines including tilt-pour, three-way and conventional. Runs range from a few hundred pieces to thousands, with casting sizes small to large. For castings that demand superior finish and strong performance characteristics, the permanent mold process may be what you are looking for.
  • Sand Castings – Northwest Casting runs multiple production lines of jolt-squeezer and roto-lift machines, utilizing a very fine grained molding sand that produces a very smooth casting surface finish. Many castings are cored and must meet strict requirements. We specialize in low- to mid-size production runs.
  • Core Production – More complex casting often require sand cores to create the ports and bores within the casting. We offer three core production processes: shell core, CO2, and oil sand.
  • Aluminum Melting – We use only high quality certified aluminum ingot.  Rigorous melting and pouring practices ensure a sound casting that will perform to your expectations.
  • Aluminum Heat Treating – Many aluminum castings require heat treatment to tempers such as T4, T5, T6, T7 and T61. Our in-house large high-temperature bottom-drop oven, as well as our aging oven, provide excellent tempering results that are consistent and reliable. Casting hardness is verified by Brinell hardness testing.

Aluminum Castings for a Variety of Industries

The aluminum permanent mold and green sand castings we produce are vital components for machinery and equipment manufacturers in the following broad categories: industrial, recreational, construction, utility and agricultural.

Within the industrial category our castings are concentrated in fluid power components (hydraulics), mechanical power transmission, and electrical equipment.

In addition, we produce castings for consumer applications such as golf course equipment and signage, public seating and food service appliances.

Quality Compliance to ASTM and Aluminum Association Standards

Skilled and dedicated people are the key to creating good quality castings. Because each and every casting is unique, consistent quality is the product of understanding the customer’s casting requirements, knowing the variety of process variables, defining and documenting the parameters, and developing and continually executing production procedures.

Our foundry crew has many years of experience producing a wide variety of aluminum casting sizes and configurations.  Most are cross-trained in all foundry positions. They are skilled foundrymen who take pride in their work and ownership of the castings they produce.

Our Casting System and Documentation Process

At Northwest Casting, we comply with The Aluminum Association “Standards for Aluminum Sand and Permanent Mold Castings” and their specific guidance on engineering standards and metallurgical data for aluminum metalcasting processes. We adhere to various ASTM Standards.  The quality system is directed by our ISO-parallel quality assurance manual.

Our system begins when our sales engineering team works closely with the customer to define the casting’s requirements. The tooling is created through one of our proven pattern/mold makers. Then, our most experienced workers develop the production process, which is verified by a First Article Sample and Dimensional Layout.  Job-specific work instructions are then recorded. These instructions travel with the job through all processes and final inspection. In addition, sample audit plans are utilized. Customers may elect to receive final inspection paperwork, aluminum ingot certifications, or other documents.  All in-process and final inspection equipment is inventoried and calibrated according to N.I.S.T. procedures.

Quality administration provides leadership and on-going training. Key quality performance measurements are recorded every month, then discussed with production teams. Action plans are developed.  Everyone’s focus is on satisfying our customers’ casting requirements.

On-Time Product Delivery

Meeting our customers’ delivery due dates is of critical importance to us. We agree what is required and achievable at the time the order is received. Then, we track the progress of every order and keep you informed of your order’s status.  We recognize that some orders demand a “rush” response, and we make every effort to expedite deliveries if necessary.

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