Permanent Mold

The permanent mold process produces casting by pouring molten aluminum (gravity-fed) into cast iron molds in hydraulically operated machines.

Why Choose a Permanent Mold Casting?

Aluminum castings produced in the gravity-fed permanent mold process offer tighter dimensional tolerances, superior pressure tightness, improved machinability, mechanical properties, and surface finish than sand castings.

The process may employ shell cores to form the ports, holes, and internal passageways of the casting. For some casting configurations, coring can be accomplished through the mold design, eliminating the need and cost of sand cores.

Brass, bronze, and steel inserts can be successfully captured in permanent mold castings, too.  Many permanent mold casting applications require heat treatment, which we provide with our state-of-the art bottom-drop solution heat treat and aging ovens.

Our Permanent Mold Castings

At Northwest Casting, we work hard to ensure that our permanent mold castings meet the highest quality standards, and are delivered on-time.

Large-Scale Capacity

Northwest Casting employs eight permanent mold machines — conventional, tilt-pour and three-way — and multiple furnaces in the production of medium to large quantities of aluminum castings. Production lot sizes range from a few hundred castings to more than 1000.

Casting Size Capability

The majority of the permanent mold castings we produce weigh less than 10 pounds. Others weigh between 20 to 50 pounds. A few exceed 50 pounds.  Smaller castings can often be produced using a multiple-cavity mold, yielding more castings per cycle and more economic unit prices.

Moderate Complexity

cast-plateOur process know-how comes from years of hands-on experience producing castings for demanding markets such as the fluid power industry. Fluid power castings typically require extensive coring and must meet high standards for porosity, pressure tightness, and machinability. At Northwest Casting, we achieve success in this process through gating expertise, rigorous metal control, state-of-the-art heat treat equipment, and skilled people.

Trusted Permanent Mold Tooling Partners

Construction of the cast iron permanent mold is done by one of several outside mold makers in our region. We’ve formed long-term, continuous, and successful working relationships with these mold makers. They have repeatedly proven their ability to deliver high quality, reliable tooling within their promised lead-time. While the one-time permanent mold investment is greater than sand casting tooling, it is significantly less costly than die casting tooling.

Castings Gallery

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