Who is Northwest Casting, Inc.?

Northwest Casting, Inc. has been producing aluminum castings in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota for three generations. Our foundry currently operates in a spacious 35,000 square foot facility in the heart of St. Paul.  We produce aluminum alloy castings in the green sand and permanent mold processes with state-of-the-art heat treating capacity in-house.

We serve commercial industry, and our castings flow to a broad range of machinery and equipment manufacturers, including:

·         Recreational equipment

·         Food and health care products

·         Construction equipment

·         Conveying equipment

·         Fluid power movement equipment

·         Robotics machines

·         Floor cleaning machines

·         Other industrial machinery

Why Choose Northwest Casting as Your Aluminum Casting Supplier?


mark-dave-joeThere is a big difference in casting suppliers.

At one end, big multi-layered organizations boast impressive equipment lists and broad capabilities. However, they must support a correspondingly heavy overhead. At the other end, limited resources offset the nimble efficiency of tiny shops. Northwest Casting is a family-owned foundry positioned between these extremes, making it a perfect choice for your aluminum metal casting needs.

Here are a few things that set Northwest Casting apart from other metal casters:



At Northwest Casting, our management and experienced workers firmly embrace the importance of meeting agreed-upon delivery commitments and producing trouble-free castings. Our goal is to be “invisible” to you, so you don’t have to worry or check up on us. Your castings will arrive on time and defect free as expected.


Our team of enthusiastic professionals imparts many years of process knowledge and problem-solving experience to every casting project they undertake. Not only will you gain access to this essential metal casting information, but you’ll also benefit from the way this knowledge impacts your product. We know, for example, that more value arises when we work to prolong tooling life. We do this with careful operation and attentive maintenance of production tooling throughout the casting’s lifetime.


Our small size and flat organization mean that you talk directly with decision-makers and receive the kind of performance accountability you have been looking for.  Most of our experienced crew is cross-trained in all foundry operations, giving us the versatility and flexibility to consistently deliver quality castings on-time.


It takes time for a company to discover if a supplier will live up to its promises. We’ve had nearly 80 years of excellent customer service. But don’t take our word for it. Just look around our site to see what satisfied customers have to say!

Contact us today, and talk to our expert staff about your casting needs. We can help! 651.645.7886