Northwest Casting, Inc. – Producing Aluminum Castings Since 1937

NORTHWEST CASTING, INC. is an aluminum metal caster located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Established in 1937 and continuing as a family-owned and operated jobbing foundry, we produce permanent mold and sand castings using Aluminum Silicon (300-Series) Alloys for commercial and industrial markets. Many of the castings that we produce are for demanding applications that require pressure tightness and extensive later machining. Our team of experts works hard to ensure that we meet or exceed your casting requirements.

Northwest Casting, Inc., is proud to be a smaller aluminum foundry with a flat organization that provides personal attention and a quick and direct response. We understand that the castings we produce are integral to your product line and your success. And our management team is committed to short lead-times and on-time deliveries.

While our list of customers includes a few “big” names, we primarily serve small- to mid-size customers with short- to mid-range production-run requirements. All customers – big and small – receive our same personal attention that Northwest Casting Inc. is known for.

If you feel that your current large foundry supplier is not a good fit, please give us a try. Let us show you what we can do. Talk to our staff about your casting needs! Request a quote now! 651.645.7886